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CSI 60 100/12 CA VVF 2.5M - UNIT

CSI 60 100/12 CA VVF 2.5M - UNIT

CSI 60 100/12 CA VVF 2.5M - UNIT

Volet roulant
Wired Technology (WT)


Benefits for professionals

- Rapid down and up end limits set by pressing the adjustment buttons on the head
- Adapted to all types of shutters
- Removable cable


Benefits for end users

- The most installed motor in the world
- Affordable motorization for your rolling shutters
- For LT CSI, an emergency command to move your shutters manually in case of power failure.


For awnings

Benefits for professionals

Easy integration

- Removable cable

Quick setting

- Down and up end limits set thanks to the Somfy push buttons on the head

Tool compatibility

- LT setting cable

Increased reliability

- Automatic stop in case of tube lock
- Patent: Exclusive power failure filtering to prevent any motor RESET in case of untimely shortcircuits UP/DN wires


Benefits for end users

Simple, effortless comfort

- An accessible motorization to move your awning effortless

Peace of mind

- Move your awning manually without effort in case of power failure

Détails et spécifications

A worried-less solution to  be installed in any application of the house (awning, screen, roller shutter, ...)