Tell Google to do it for you!

The Google Assistant is now compatible with TaHoma®

Control your home equipment (blinds, roller shutters, curtains, lights and much more) simply using your voice with TaHoma® and your Google Assistant

Precious assistance, anywhere, any time

With Google Assistant you can use your voice to control the connected equipment you have configured in the TaHoma® app.

• At home, with Google's connected speakers: Google Home and other speakers that offer Google Assistant.

• On the move, with your smartphone or compatible Android and iOS tablet.

Want to control your equipment with TaHoma® and Google Assistant?

Discover the TaHoma® box and its dedicated app

What can I ask Google?

Thanks to the compatibility* between Google Assistant and TaHoma®, you can use your voice to:

• Launch a scenario created in the TaHoma® app

• Control an item of equipment using the name you give it in the TaHoma® app

• Control a group of equipment

I'll discover the list of compatible products

How does it work?

1. Say « Ok Google » to wake up the voice assistant.

2. Say the trigger words « activate », « switch on », « open » or any other action verb which corresponds to the product in question.

3. Say the name of the scenario, the equipement as you named it in TaHoma®, or the group of equipement you want to launch.


Make your life easier!

Thanks to the voice command, controlling your equipment is now child's play!


Save time!

Don't waste any more time looking for your smartphone to open your shutters or launch the "Good night" scenario! Just ask Google to do it for you!


Free yourself from restrictions!

Under all circumstances, wherever you are, use Google's personal assistant to control your equipment, either individually or as a group.

How to speak to Google?


Summer day




Winter evening

When I say "OK Google, open the living room roller shutter".

- Ok, I'll open the living room roller shutter.

 When I say "OK Google, switch on all the lights".

- Ok, I'll switch on the three lights.

When I say “Ok Google, activate winter evening”.

Google Assistant launches my “Winter evening” scenario.

- My shutter close.
- My ambient lights switch on.
- And the thermostat sets itself to 23°C.